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Hi, Once i completed compiling a new plugin for Marchello/Umbraco, how do i make it as a package to be installed through the Umbraco itself? like the ZIP etc.... Thanks B
June 2, 2016

Hi Betz - In the future, please ask questions on the forum at so that we can make certain to respond in a timely manner.

Packaging the plugin is the same as any Umbraco package. For simple packages, you can use the Umbraco package manager in the Umbraco back office - developer section -> packages -> created packages.

However, if you are writing a package you are going to maintain, I find it easier to create a build script with something like MSBuild. This is how we do it internally in Merchello as it is much more time efficient (once setup) to generate the package file. There are loads of examples out there to package create a package using a build script. Merchello's is pretty involved due to the size of the package and we do other things like building NuGet packages, etc at the same time.

In Merchello's /plugins/ folder, there are several smaller packages that have build scripts using MSBuild.

Ditto, Nested Content and ArcheType all have build scripts as well to look at.

June 3, 2016

Thanks for that.
What should be included to the MSBuild?
I see the build.bat file which runs on the *.package file.
Should I create the package file myself?
do you have a 'real' example of it?


June 3, 2016

If you have Visual Studio, MSBuild is part of it. You'll have to read up on builds (used a lot when executing build automations). We use ours on AppVeyor whenever commit back to the GitHub repository. It has nothing to do with Umbraco or Merchello - simply a way to have your code compiled (and in our case packaged) automatically on each commit to ensure that other people working on it can pull the code without worrying about having to fix errors that were introduced in the pull request.

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