Configuration Section



The Merchello config file is a standard XML file which contains several core settings and values that drive the entire Merchello experience. We will document each of these configuration settings below and include any important notes as required.

Configuration File Location

The config file can be found:


Each setting in the settings section requires it’s own XML tag. The Alias must be a unique alphanumeric value and match what is defined in the Merchello programming.
When changing a strategy setting, be sure to only specify one for each Alias. Additional strategy settings for the same Alias will be ignored.
The following settings available:

DefaultBasketPackagingStrategy: represents the Merchello class to be called when the shopper basket is packaged in preparation for checkout. The attribute value should be specified in the format of “classname, namespace”

<setting alias="DefaultBasketPackagingStrategy" value="Merchello.Web.Shipping.DefaultWarehousePackagingStrategy, Merchello.Web"  />


Determines what ASCII character is used as a separator value in the SKU field for product variants. For example, assume a shirt with SKU tshirt having Red, Blue, Green choices. When variants are generated, the variant SKUs would be “tshirt-1”,”tshirt-2”,”tshirt-3”. The separator character can be configured here if something other than a dash is desired.

<setting alias="DefaultSkuSeparator" value="-" />

The "backoffice" sections allows you to configure the title, icon, visibility, and order that the Merchello backoffice tasks appear in the browser.

This section defines what regions and provinces will be populated in the Merchello backend. A region is defined as a single XML element that contains child elements for every province within that region.

Attribute code: represents the ISO country code for that region.

Attribute requirePostalCode: can be either "True" or "False". Assumed to be "True" when not specified. Used by shipping estimator routines to determine if Postal Code should be required input before attempting a rate estimate. Not all countries or shipping carriers require a postal code.


Requires Postal Code

The requires postal code is not actually used in the Merchello core. The property has been made available for usage in custom shipping providers.

Each individual province must be specified with the attributes name and code.

<region code="US">
    <province name="Alabama" code="AL" />
    <province name="Alaska" code="AK" />
    <province name="Arizona" code="AZ" />

<region code="CA" requirePostalCode="True">
    <province name="Alberta" code="AB" />
    <province name="British Columbia" code="BC" />
    <province name="Manitoba" code="MB" />