Documentation for Merch's StoreSettingService

The StoreSettingsService manage global store settings, currency, currency formats, country and regional settings.


The StoreSettingService is exposed through the MerchelloContext

var storeSettingService = MerchelloContext.Current.Services.StoreSettingService;


public interface IStoreSettingService : IService

Public Methods

CreateStoreSettingWithKeyCreates a store setting and persists it to the database
DeleteDeletes a IStoreSetting
GetAllGets a collection of all IStoreSetting
GetAllCountries()Gets a collection of all ICountry
GetAllCountries(String[])Returns a ICountry collection for all countries excluding codes passed
GetAllCurrenciesGets a collection of all ICurrency
GetByKeyGets a IStoreSetting by it's unique 'Key'
GetCountryByCodeReturns the ICountry for the country code passed.
GetCurrencyByCodeGets a ICurrency for the currency code passed
GetCurrencyFormatReturns the currency format
GetNextInvoiceNumberGets the next usable InvoiceNumber
GetNextOrderNumberGets the next usable OrderNumber
GetNextShipmentNumberGets the complete collection of registered type fields
GetTypeFieldsGets the complete collection of registered type fields
SaveSaves a single IStoreSetting

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