Global Settings

This page describes the Merch configuration section and global settings that can be set through the Merch back office section.


Merchello Settings Page is a tab off of the tree root.

Merchello configuration is done in the Umbraco backend Merchello section. You can control the product catalog, inventory, shipping, payment, taxation, and notifications.


Settings dashboard

Store Defaults

Merchello configuration includes some global settings for the store back office such as default currency and culture, unit system, and starting document numbers.

CurrencySets the default store currency used in product pricing, ship rate quoting, taxation and invoicing.
Set the default extended data cultureSets the default language that is selected when navigating to extended content off of a product.
Time formatSets the time format. Currently not used.
Unit systemSets back office unit labels.
Set how taxes are appliedSets how taxes are applied. Options are Invoice or Product. If invoice is selected, taxes are calculated in the invoice generation process. If product is selected, taxes are added to the base product price when rendering a product.
Date FormatSets the date format for dates displayed in back office.
Starting order numberSets the next order number
Starting invoice numberSets the next invoice number
Starting shipment numberSets the next shipment number

Catalog Defaults



These settings are meant to save time by NOT having to set the properties for each product as it is added to the catalog and have NO effect on existing products.

All items are taxableIf checked, new products are created with taxable setting set to TRUE
All items are shippableIf checked, new products are created with shippable setting set to TRUE
Track inventory for all items & variantsIf checked, new products are created with the tracks inventory setting set to TRUE
Shipping charges are taxableIf checked, shipping charges will be set to taxable. Note Custom tax providers may not respect this.