Product Collections

Product Collections are a great way to organise products. To create a collection, simply right click on the root 'Products' node and choose 'New Collection'. To Add products to your collection, right click on it and choose 'Manage Collection'.

Here you'll see all available products to be added to the collection. The same applies to remove products, you just need to select the 'Remove collection items' radio button.

They can be used for anything. For example, you could recreate your main category structure by nesting collections inside another. You could create collections for featured sections on your site, or create a collection for an API/XML feed.

The image below shows a number of nested collections under the main Products node.


Dynamic Collections

The above details 'Static' collections. These are collections you create in the backoffice and manually add products in and out.

Merchello also offers dynamic collections, a way to programatically create a collection that is auto updated based on your own logic.

Please see Sales Collections below for more information on this.