Gateway Providers

Gateway providers are used to provide a standardized way of implementing either internal programming or external service communications. This functionality is broken down into four specific types of providers. These provider types are Notification, Payment, Shipping and Taxation.

Rolling your own gateway provider can be a very rewarding experience. When you are finished testing your gateway, contribute it to the community. As the community library of gateways continues to grow, imagine the benefits to you finding a gateway already written to your need. Everyone wins!

Merchello gateway providers are all written to follow a specific set of design guidelines. Follow these guidelines in your provider to ensure your gateway has full compatibility throughout the Merchello application.



The Gateway Providers page is where you manage your 3rd party providers. You can activate and deactivate your providers. This allows you to leave the provider in the system, yet inactive.



Providers may allow for configuration. If configuration is possible, a pencil button will appear to the right of the deactivate button. Some gateways have additional configuration abilities on each individual gateway page. These are generally not the same properties.

Provider packages installed with Merchello Installation

Several providers are installed for you:

ShippingFixed Rate
TaxationFixed Rate

You may have to activate the provider, which is done by clicking on the lightbulb icon on the listing page. Example of this can be seen below with the built in SMTP provider. After first install you will need to activate the SMTP provider.


Once you have clicked on the active icon, you will see an edit and delete icon. The edit icon is present because the SMTP provider requires some additional configuration.

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