As explained above, the Coupon Provider is supplied out of the box.

To create a new Coupon, right click on the 'Marketing' tree and select 'New Offer'. You will now see a list of all 'Offer' Providers that have been created.

Select Coupon and then Give it a name, and a code (This is what the customer will use in the front end...i.e. '10OFF'). You can also optionally select a date range, once done click save.


You can now configure the coupon. As you will see, Coupons themselves can be quite complex.


If we are going to offer 10% off as per the screenshots, then Under Available Rewards we'll assign 'Discount the price' by clicking the plus button next to it.

Once Assigned, we just need to configure it. By adding a name that will appear on the invoice, then making sure we choose % off. This is done by clicking, the edit/pencil icon and select the % radio button and adding 10 into the text box.

Once saved, the final thing you need to do is enable it at the top of the page.