Before downloading Merchello, review the following Umbraco to Merchello compatibility matrix.

Umbraco VersionMerchello Version
Umbraco 7.0.x & 7.1.x1.1.x to 1.5.1
Umbraco 7.2.x1.6.0 to 1.12.0
Umbraco 7.3.x1.13.x to 1.14.0
Umbraco 7.4.X1.14.1 to current

Package Installation

To install Merchello or the FastTrack you must install it initially as a normal Umbraco package and not via Nuget (See Nuget installation below for more information on Nuget).

Download Merchello from or through the Umbraco package Repository in the back office, search for "Merchello." And install from there.

Package FilesDescription
Merchello_[VERSION].zipMain package file. Installs Merchello into an Umbraco instance. Intended to be uploaded through Umbraco's package manager.
Merchello-FastTrack-[VERSION].zipStarter kit only. Installs ONLY the FastTrack store and REQUIRES that Merchello has been previously installed.

In the Umbraco backend go to the Developer section. In the Developer/Packages section, select Install local package .

Click the Accept License check box and select Install Package for the Merchello file you just downloaded.

When the installation is done, you will see the Package is Installed screen.

Nuget Installation

We have the Core files of Merchello on Nuget to help you keep your installation up to date more easily. However, please not that the Nuget package is just the Core files (Same goes for the FastTrack).

You must install Merchello (Or the FastTrack) via the Umbraco package initially to get a full install. Then once you have the package installed, and you want to keep it up to date via Nuget (And not have to keep installing it as a package every update).

Just pull in via Nuget using the links below, and if you are prompted to overwrite any Merchello files then you can/or just skip (Obviously make sure you use the correct Nuget version that matches the package you installed)

Merchello Nuget Core Files

FastTrack Nuget Core Files


Umbraco Beta and Pre-Release Version

Merchello's development process often lags behind Umbraco's ongoing development, largely because the project itself is completely dependent on Umbraco. As a result we cannot immediately confirm Merchello will work flawlessly with every Umbraco version - especially major release versions.

If you would like to verify the compatibility of the two products, please post a question in the forum.

UaaS Installation (Experimental) - 1.13.2+

The install for Merchello has been updated to be more compatible with Umbraco as a Service.

A supplemental zip file can be downloaded that contains the configuration transforms needed to run Merchello on UaaS. The web.config transforms should go in the root. The Umbraco specific config transforms should be placed in the /Config folder.

Please note that although this installs and works on each environment on UaaS, the content syncing between environment is still being worked on.

It's actually very complicated as Umbraco themselves still haven't figured out how to allow third party packages with custom tables to deploy changes in data via Courier.

We have a concept, but it's likely to be a couple of months before we release it and it's highly likely it will be just for collections/settings initially.