MVC Controllers

Documentation for MerchelloSurfaceController and MerchelloRenderMvcController

Similar to the view pages, Merchello also ships with two controllers that extend two commonly used Umbraco abstract controllers (SurfaceController and RenderMvcController). The Merchello variations expose an instantiated customer, the Merchello Services and Gateways.


ICustomerContext CustomerContextGets the customer context
ICustomerBase CurrentCustomerGets the current customer
IBasket BasketGets the current customer basket
IServiceContext MerchelloServicesGets the Merchello ServiceContext
IGatewayContext GatewayContextGets the Merchello GatewayContext
/// <summary>
/// A controller to render front-end requests for Merchello
/// </summary>
public abstract class MerchelloRenderMvcController : RenderMvcController
/// <summary>
/// A <see cref="SurfaceController"/> that Merchello presentation Add-in controllers should inherit from
/// </summary>
public abstract class MerchelloSurfaceController : SurfaceController