Documentation for Merch's PaymentService

The Payment service is used manage payments.


The PaymentService is exposed through the MerchelloContext

var paymentService = MerchelloContext.Current.Services.PaymentService;


public class PaymentService : MerchelloRepositoryService, 
	IPaymentService, IService


PaymentService()Initializes a new instance of the PaymentService class.
PaymentService(ILogger)Initializes a new instance of the PaymentService class.

Public Methods

ApplyPaymentToInvoiceCreates and saves an AppliedPayment
CreatePaymentCreates a payment without saving it to the database
CreatePaymentWithKey(PaymentMethodType, Decimal, Nullable(Guid), Boolean)Creates and saves a payment
Delete(IAppliedPayment, Boolean)Deletes a IAppliedPayment
Delete(IEnumerable(IAppliedPayment), Boolean)Deletes a collection of IAppliedPayment
Delete(IPayment, Boolean)Deletes a single IPayment
Delete(IEnumerable(IPayment), Boolean)Deletes a collection of IPayment
GetAppliedPaymentsByInvoiceKeyGets a collection of IAppliedPayments by the invoice key
GetAppliedPaymentsByPaymentKeyGets a collection of IAppliedPayments by the payment key
GetByKeyGets a IPayment
GetByKeysGets list of IProduct objects given a list of Unique keys
GetPaymentsByCustomerKeyGets a collection of IPayment by customer key.
GetPaymentsByInvoiceKeyGets a collection of IPayment for a given invoice
GetPaymentsByPaymentMethodKeyGets a collection of IPayment for a given PaymentGatewayProvider
Save(IAppliedPayment, Boolean)Saves an IAppliedPayment
Save(IAppliedPayment, Boolean)Saves a single IPaymentMethod
Save(IEnumerable(IPayment), Boolean)Saves a collection of IPayment


CreatingOccurs before create
CreatedOccurs after create
DeletingOccurs before delete
DeletedOccurs after delete
SavingOccurs before save
SavedOccurs after save

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